Clément Clerc


Gameplay Programmer

Game Designer


April, 2018

Despicable Humans is a roguelike multiplayer video game developed within a year at UQAC.

You can download the game here :


The forest has been invaded by humans led by The Grand Inquisition and you, as a monster, must defend yourself with your friends. But take care not to beat your own allies !


The players must find their way on a procedurally generated map to defeat the boss of the level. They can pick up weapons to fight their enemies. Each weapon has a different behaviour. For example, you can use a sword for melee combat or a bow for range attack. There are also more extravagant one like a boomerang that can hit multiple enemies before coming back to your hand.

But theses weapons also come with a counterpart : a player can hit his own friends if he is not careful ! It will not make them lose life, but they will suffer some effects depending on the weapon. It can be a knockback, a stun or a slowdown for instance.


Our goal with this game was to create a chaotic multiplayer experience where the players must cooperate together to go through the level and coordinate their attack if they don’t want to step on each other’s toe. This was inspired by the feeling we had while playing Magicka.

My role

As a gameplay programmer, I worked on the behaviour of the weapons, the artificial intelligence of the enemies and the controls of the players.

I also took part in game design regarding the enemies and weapons behaviour.

Credits :

Bastien Bouquin – Lead Game Designer

Clément Clerc – Game Designer & Gameplay Programmer

Corentin Gautier – Level Designer & Game Programmer

Homère Bourgeois – Game Programmer

Mélodie Tanier – 2D Artist & Composer

Rémy Lacapère – 2D Artist

Florine Carlier – 2D Artist & UI Designer

Justine Almes – Gameplay Programmer & UI Designer