Clément Clerc

Geometry Dodge


Game Designer

Gameplay Programmer


April, 2015

Geometry Dodge is a multiplayer mobile game developed in a week as our final project for IUT Paris Descartes.

You can download the game here :


Use your phone’s gyroscope to dodge obstacles ! You can either play alone and try to survive as long as possible, or play with your friend and win by being the last alive !


The player controls a spherical avatar with the gyroscope. He must dodge obstacles with differents behaviour : for example, triangles try to anticipate the player movement while squares can bounce mutliple times on the wall.

There is a solo and a multiplayer mode. The first one is an endless game where the player must obtain the best score possible by surviving as long as he can. The multiplayer mode is a competitive mode where each player try to be the last survivor. They can push other players to make them loose control of their avatar.

My role

As a gameplay programmer and game designer, I was in charge of the obstacles behaviour. I also worked on UX Design regarding the menu navigation or how to teach the mechanics of the game to the player in a fun way.

Credits :

Bastien Bouquin – Gameplay Programmer & Game Designer

Clément Clerc – Gameplay Programmer & Game Designer

Maxime Filipovich – Gameplay Programmer

Osman Kantar – 2D Artist