Clément Clerc


Gameplay Programmer


Mai 2019

Kaleidos is a student game made during a semester at ICAN school.

For this project we had to create a game inspired by the work of Augustine Kofie, She Problema.

You can download the game here.


You are propelled inside a kaleidoscope and you must dodge the obstacles to get to the end of the level. Grab items to gain more speed !


The player controls an unstoppable ship moving around a tube. He can rotate left or right to dodge obstacles. Some of them requires to be destroyed by pressing an input when the player is close enough. The ship velocity can be boosted by harvesting items on the roads. The player must optimize is trajectory to achieve each level.

The challenges are all about reflexe, observation and memory.


Our goal was to create a sensory experience. We wanted something dynamic and impressive while demanding a lot of focus from the player. That’s why we made a game with simple but efficient mechanics where the Game Feel is at the center of the experience.

My role

As the Gameplay Programmer, I developped every aspect of the game : the player controller, the camera behaviour, the win or fail conditions or the UI implementation. I also added some visual effect like the shattering of the destroyable obstacles.


Credits :

Alexis Ferrand – Lead Game Designer

Gwendal Bonnerue – Art Director

Alexandre Mezanges – Sound Design & Level Design

Clément Clerc – Gameplay Programmer

Music by Andrew Gaidukevich