Clément Clerc

  • - ROLE

Gameplay Programmer


Work in progress

Obsidienne is a first person platforming game currently in development for our final year at ICAN. The core mechanic of the game is the ability for the player to cut certain elements of the game in a specific angle.

You can download the current build here :


Lost in an unknown building, you must find the exit as fast as possible by exploring this strange place and cutting every obstacles that block your way


The game is a first person platformer. The player can choose an angle with the movement of his mouse and the shoot projectiles that will cut gray obstacles according to the angle. He also has the ability to jump and perform three wall jumps in a row. He must use theses skills to get to the end of the level before the end of the timer, represented by a bar at the top of the screen.


With this project, we wanted to create a competitive and challenging experience. The player needs to finish the level in a limited time or he will be unable to unlock the rest of the game. There is also a score and a leaderboard where the player can see how long it took the best players to finish the levels.

My role

As the lead programmer of the project, I mainly worked on win or fail condition, level transition, save system, UI implementation and some parts of the controller, like the shoot ability.

Credits :

Paul Blot – Gameplay Programmer

Loic Bennis – Sound Designer

Clément Clerc – Lead Programmer

Simon de Villèle – Level Designer & Level Art

Hugo Dupuy – Game Designer