Clément Clerc


Gameplay Programmer


January, 2020

Ultimate Frankenstein vs Evil Necromancer is a local pvp game developed during the Global Game Jam 2020.

You can download the game here :


Craft an army of abominations by using various body parts and send them on the battlefield to defeat your opponent !


Ultimate Frankenstein vs Evil Necromancer is a local versus game where 2 players can choose three different body parts (arms, legs and torso) to create a monster. Each type of body modifies different stats. You can choose to create a strong and relatively fast creature or a slow one with a lot of life that will be helpfull to defend if you are in danger. You can even send an incomplete monster !

My Role

As a gameplay programmer, I had to develop the craft mechanic, the win and lose conditions and the player controller.

Credits :

 Paul Blot – Developper

Clément Clerc – Developper

Hugo Corrales – Game Design & Sound Design

Hugo Dupuy – Game Design & VFX

Alice Grégoire – Character Design, 2D Artist

Sarah Parot – Environment Artist, 2D Artist